Applications for Henry Fund Fellowships Due December 16

Offer Opportunity for Year's Study at Oxford or Cambridge

Applications for the five Henry Fund Fellowships which give students an opportunity for a year's study at Oxford or Cambridge are due on December 16.

These fellowships, each amounting to $500, are awarded to American students in their last year at college or in graduate work. Each candidate must submit evidence of distinction in some branch of learning and must present a definite scheme of study or research.

Applications should be sent to the office of the secretary of Harvard. President Conant, President Angell of Yale, Dean Hanford, Jerome D. Greene, and others are on the committee of management of this fund.

Thomas H. Hunter '35, and Ceasar L. Barber '35 received Henry's last year for study at Cambridge while George L. Haskins '35 was awarded a scholarship for work at Oxford.