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Peroy Wins Over Olympic Star, Hurd Loses


With Olympic and National champions in the majority, the fencing exhibition last night in the Indoor Athletic Building illustrated split-time accuracy and action, culminating in two superb exhibition matches by Rene Peroy, Harvard's coach.

Two out-of-the-ordinary exhibitions, a sabre match in the dark with phosphorus-treated hilts; and an epee match, in which the two contestants had balloons attached to their ankles and throats, added to the interest.

John G. Hurd, no. 3 in national ranking, was beaten by Gilbert Kerlin 3L in foils, after starting the exhibition off by the graceful grand salute. Joseph Levis, formerly of M. I. T., No. 1 in national ranking and head of the last American Olympic team, defeated William T. Pocora 1G, former Princeton captain, 5-4.

Dernell Every, Yale '28, '28 and '32 Olympic star, and former national intercollegiate champion, defeated Hurd 5-4 in foils, but was defeated by Peroy in an exhibition match with sabre. The present captain of the Harvard team and three former captains took part in this exhibition.

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