Bob Scott Replaces Injured Captain Dorman for Home Team in Search for Sixth Victory Today

HARVARD  M. I. T. Perry, g.  g., Gray Robie, r. f.  r. f., Brittenham Powell, l. f.  l. f., Hamilton Burbank, r. h.  r. h., Essley R. Scott, c. h.  c. h., Gillis Vincent, l. h.  l. h., Lindsay Dawson, r. o.  r. o., Arino T. Motley, r. i.  r. i., Kron Kelley, c.  c., Wu E. Motley, l. i.  l. i., Ceballos Wood, l. o.  l. o., Waxman

In its last game of the season before the final with Yale here Friday, the Crimson soccer forces find M. I. T. arrayed against them on the Business School Field this afternoon.

Tech will be no setup for Jack Carr's men, out after their sixth win. Though they have lost as many games as they have won, including a 4-0 trimming by the Elis, the Red, White, and Gray held Brown, decisive Harvard conquerors, to a 1-0 win.

Varsity Ready

After its impressive victories over Princeton and Amherst, the Varsity has had only light practice this week and will be ready to "go to town" this afternoon.


Captain John Dorman finds himself once again on the sidelines. His appendicitis attacks have not returned, but he is now nursing a bad ankle garnered in practice. Bob Scott, who capably replaced his leader in the Tiger and Lord Jeff games, will hold down the center halfback position.

With Newlin Hastings also recovering from a leg injury, Sam Kelley has a chance to start his first game at center.