Freshman Booters Trounce Tufts Yearling Outfit, 1-0

Last Period Penalty Play Responsible for Victory

Shooting a belated, last-period penalty, Joe Johansen finally gave the Freshman soccer team a victory over the stubborn Tufts yearlings, 1-0 yesterday on the Business School field.

For three and a half scoreless periods the Crimson kept the ball well into enemy territory. But the unorthodox eleven man defense which the visitors presented prevented any material success of the five-man attack.

Shortly before the final whistle, the Crimson booters got their first break of the game when a Tuffs player fouled inside the penalty zone. Johansen then kicked a hard, tricky shot past the Jumbo goalie.

Others who figured prominently in the victory were Bernard Jacobson Phil Sheridan, and Frank Harden. For the visitors, Captain Dulker was outstanding.

The summary: HARVARD '39  TUFTS '39 Williams. g.  g., Goggin Bradley, r. f. b.  r. f. b., Gorman Sheridan, l. f. b.  l. f. b., Stratton Macneil, r. h. b.  r. h. b., Burden Jacobson, c. h. b.  c. h. b., Mathieu Phillips, r. h. b.  r. h. b., Boyee, Atlas Mansing, Witkin, Roosevelt, r. o.  r. o., Duckworth Hammond, Johnson, r. i.  r. i., Ward Johansen, e. f.  e. f., Dulker (Capt.) Lewis (Capt.), l. i.  l. i., Bellard Harmien, Sinnett, l. o.  l. o., Rockwood


Referee; White, Time; 4/18's periods. Linesmen; Strussiean, Lepointe, Goal; Johansen.