Crimson Line Is Lighter, Backfield Heavier Than Blue; Season Records Give Yale Edge

Attempting to better a record of one win, one tie, and two defeats, the Harvard Freshman football team will take to the turf of Soldiers Field to battle the Eli yearlings in the final game of the season. Despite the dubious showing they have made to date, Coach Stahley's team is rated as better than average, and given an even chance for victory.

As against a Yale team which has a total of 127 points amassed to 13 for their opponents, Crimson adherents point to a victory over Exeter, the only team to smirch the Eli scutcheon. And today Stahley will abandon his system of playing his men as units of eleven men, and will keep his eleven best on the field at all times in an attempt to bring the decision into the Harvard camp.

Many Shifts on Yearling Team

The Freshmen will present a revised team, on which the men have been shifted repeatedly. Captain Cliff Wilson, who started out at center is playing a guard; Harry Russell, the present center, is a former guard; Dick Hedblom, another one-time guard, has at one time been shifted to center, and is now starting as the blocking back.

On weight, the Harvard line averages one pound less of wildcat than the Eli hopes, but the loss is counteracted by a five-pound advantage in the backfield. Yale, however, boasts the outstanding individual phenomenon, a 218-pound tackle who can do the 100 in ten flat.


On record, Yale has the edge, but Stahley's team has every chance of rising to new heights, and clicking triumphantly.