Jayvees Annihilate Brown Freshman Gridmen by 33-6

Many Jayvees Shine as Substitutes Are Used Freely

In a game marked by frequent substitutions, the Jayvees crushed the Brown freshmen at Soldiers Field yesterday, the final score being 33-6.

The appearance of Bill Parquette, who was slated for the varsity squad, was unexpected, but added much to the success of the Crimson triumph.

Howard Lewenstein bucked through the Brown line for a touchdown in the first quarter. Parquette passed to Bob Stewart from the 24 yard line, and Frank Owen bucked the line for a total of two more touchdowns in the second quarter.

Stewart, reaching the goal after a 63 yard run, scored in the third quarter, and in the final period, Roberts passed to Hoye for the remaining touchdown.

Brown's sole scoring occurred in the second quarter, when Kapstein broke away to save his brethren from total disgrace.


The fact that almost the entire Jayvee squad found its way into the game had no apparent deleterious effects.

The summary: HARVARD  BROWN '39 Hallet (Pafford, P. Knapp, Beal), l. e.  l. e., Battles J. Gardner (Atherton, Schmidt, Barkin), l. t.  l. t., Goodman (Brown) Baum (D. Hardy, Emerson), l. g.  l. g., Carifeo (Wisbach) Letarte (D. Smith, Olney, Noble), c.  c., Carey Caldwell (Lipsitt, Lippman, Whitemore, Maloney), r. g.  r. g., Blake (O'Shanick) D. Gardner (Radway, Tufts), r. t.  r. t., Pittochelli Harkness (Stone, Higgs) r. e.  r. e., Larkowich Owen (Jerome, Trope), q. b.  q. b., Ambrosini (Hicks) Stewart (Reardon, Roberts), l. h. b.  l. h. b., Shaw (Kapstein) Lewenstein (Hicks, Parquette), r. h. b.  r. h. b., Gordee Appel (Jones, Hoye), f. b.  f. b., Hall