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With the altruistic purpose of curing every stutterer and stammerer in Harvard University, Professor Packard's new course in Holden Chapel is worthy the attention and commendation of the whole University. The fact that one in every hundred Freshmen is afflicted with a speech impediment due to a mental rather than a physical handicap is information that adds even more worth to the activities of the speech department.

Professor Packard explains that some men come into the college and are so affected in the presence of other people that they are unable to pronounce their own names. Many such instances have been recorded, and through the persistent application of the afflicted person enough self-confidence has been developed to overcome the defect completely. One very interesting example is a Professor in the Medical School who could not produce his vowels and consonants with any degree of intelligibility as an undergraduate, whereas at present he lectures daily to enthralled hundreds. Interested primarily from a psychological point of view, he is now helping Packard with the course.

Professor Packard advocates no scientific and quick method to the undergraduates. His work is aimed at research and is to be extended over a period of years, leading eventually to a real solution to this personally vital problem. Attacking the problem from the angle of self-confidence, Professor Packed should find great consolation in the statistical conclusion that practice makes perfect. Only one sufferer in ten is female.

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