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The Harvard Crimson, undergraduate publication, recently voiced its approval of the University's refusal to accept funds offered it by the National Youth Administration for the aid of needy students in interpreting the move as "being" in line with Harvard's traditional policies. The fact that many universities are being obliged to "pocket their pride" and accept government funds was, according to the Crimson, not only unfortunate, but "hardly conducive to academic freedom because a recipient of favors is invariably obligated to the donor."

Pennsylvania is in the category of those universities that have been forced to "pocket their pride' and accept government funds for the relief of needy students. Yet there is no question of shame or obligation attached to the process. In fact, it is particularly gratifying that the University administration is taking this measure to enable deserving students to continue their education. To construe this as assuming an obligation is to completely misunderstand the motives of the N.Y.A.

False pride is an affliction and, in its interpretation of Harvard's course of action regarding the N.Y.A., the Crimson apparently is suffering from it. Universities that have taken advantage of the N.Y.A. benefits in the spirit with which such benefits are offered have nothing to be ashamed of as long as they are sensible and democratic rather than aloof and falsely proud. --Daily Pennsylvania.

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