Text of Resolution Will Be Posted in University Hall--Students Given a Chance to Air Views

Election of the Ivy Orator by popular vote of the entire Senior Class will be discontinued in the future as the result of a recent amendment to the Student Council constitution calling for the selection of this officer by a special committee.

This latest decision of the Council, made public yesterday, reads as follows: "Resolved, That the Ivy Orator be withdrawn from popular election and chosen by an agency selected by the Student Council.'

Resolution Posted

In accordance with the usual procedure followed in regard to constitutional amendments, the Council will post a text of the resolution today on the official bulletin board of University Hall.

During the next 30 days, undergraduates in College will have an opportunity to ratify or critize the proposed experiment by placing their signatures on placards provided for that purpose in University Hall. Unless student opinion should prove to be decidedly against the new proposal, no changes will be made in the resolution of the Council.


Adoption of the new amendment will represent a break in the tradition of generations, which has called for the election of all Senior officers by popular vote of the graduating class. It is believed that the primary aim of the Council is to secure for the future some more adequate means of assuring the selection of specially talented men suited for the post of Ivy Orator.