Freshman Swordsmen Face Schedule of Eight Matches

Open Season Against Dummer Academy on February 8

Eight matches culminating in a meet with Yale on March 21 make up the schedule of the Freshman fencing team.

The Yardlings do not undertake outside opposition until after mid-years when they oppose Dummer Academy on Saturday, February 8. Sixty Freshman candidates have reported to Coach Rene Peroy, but no outstanding material has emerged as yet, and no definite team will be made up until February.

The schedule is as follows:

Feb. 8 Dummer Academy

Feb. 15 M. I. T. (folls only)


Feb. 22 Andover

Feb. 29 Brown at Providence

Mar. 7 Choate at Wallingford

Mar. 11 Boston Y. M. C. A.

Mar. 14 Loomis

Mar. 21 Yale