Second Official Statement Issued Last Night by Undergraduate Bodies in Support of Threatened Sports

By unanimous vote the Minor Sports Council last night decided to stand as a body behind a resolution for the retention of all minor sports on the H.A.A.'s budget. John Dorman '36, president of the Council, opened the meeting by stating that the only effective method to combat the proposed cut in the athletic program was unified action, and then read the measure he had drawn up:

"The members of the Minor Sports Council unanimously agree that financial support should not be withdrawn from any of the twelve minor sports; that the record of each of these sports warrants the financial support of the H.A.A. in the future; that the reasons for the continuation of each of these sports on a strictly formal basis far outweigh the reasons for their abolition as stated specifically in the reports; and that the abolition of any of these sports would render the athletic program at Harvard inadequate."

Detailed reports in favor of retention have been drawn up by the managers for each individual sport and will accompany the above resolution to William J. Bingham, director of Physical Education and Athletics, on Friday.

Second Statement

This is the second official statement issued by undergraduate bodies in favor of the retention of minor sports. Last week the Student Council asked that every effort be made to retain Minor Sports on a formal basis, even if schedules have to be reduced to a minimum.


While recognizing the value of President Conant's endowment policy, their resolution asked that the seven minor sports in question be kept.

Their statement reads: "Resolved, That while recognizing the general advisability of an endowment policy, the Student Council feels that, although it may be advisable to reduce schedules to a minimum, every effort should be made to retain the Minor Sports on a formal basis."