Richard Halliburton, Noted World Adventurer, Favorably Impressed With Modern College Youth

Has Crossed the Alps by Elephant and Bathed in the Sacred Pool of the Taj Mahal

In the opinion of Richard Halliburton, world adventurer and noted author of the "Royal Road to Romance" and numerous other books, college students as a whole are a much better lot than those of his day at Princeton.

"Quite contrary to the common impression that college men are growing soft, I believe that the present generation has more initiative, spirit, and intellectual ability than my contemporaries," he said. " A modern college youth would easily endure the hardships involved in working his way around the world and in visiting strange and unknown places. He would probably discover many things that I have missed, for he is an extremely keen persons."

Princeton Graduate

Halliburton, who graduated front Princeton with the class of '21, attributes the star of his adventurous career to an overwhelming desire to visit distant lands and to find unusual subjects for narrative stories. He believes in the extraordinary in travel and has numbered among his stunts in far-off places everything from swimming at midnight in the sacred pool of the Taj Mahal to crossing the Alps by elephant in the footsteps of Hannibal. "While on my travels I live in the time of 5 B.C., the modern world then means little to me," he stated.

The author is at present working on a life of Rupert Brookes, but expects soon to start on a vagabond trip through America, concentrating particularly on Civil War sites in the South. "'Little do the people of the United States realize how much romance and adventure can still be found in their own native land even in these hurried times."


Has Not Spoken At Harvard

"Harvard," he claimed, "is the only large college in the East at which I have not spoken. A special effort, indeed, seems to have been made to keep me away. It is pretty exclusive, I suppose, and is more interested in higher things. In spite of that, however, God bless Harvard and the CRIMSON."