Harvard Rally in Second Period to No Avail Against Powerful Dartmouth Offense

Hanover, N. H., Dec. 18--Dartmouth defeated Harvard 37-28 here tonight to inaugurate the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League season in a thrilling game which kept 2000 fans in a state of constant suspense.

Indians Take Lead

The Indian five took an early lead and clung to it tenaciously. With Thomas and Toan leading the attack, the Green held a steady five point margin over the Crimson. Late in the half Conti's long shot from the corner started a rally that enabled the Indians to lead 22-11 at the end of the period.

Lavietes Leads Attack

A determined attack, led by Ray Lavietes early in the second half, enabled the Crimson to tie the score. However, Toan scored on a free throw to start the Green machine again scoring. Encouraged by this play and a late spurt by Thomas, the Indians followed up their lead to drag the game from the fire.


Gray and Lavietes High Scorers

Ernest Gray and Ray Lavietes were high scorers for the Crimson, combining to run up 15 of the team's total of 28 points. Bill Thomas, Dartmouth's forward star who was playing his first League contest, took the individual scoring honors and proved to be the mainspring of the Dartmouth attack.

The summary: DARTMOUTH  HARVARD McKinley, Dingle, Ratajczak, r.f.  l.f., White, Lowman Conti, Rockwell, l.f.  r.f., Lavietes,, McGowan McKernan, Cleveland, c.  c., Gray, Herrick Thomas, r.g.  l.g., Mason, Wills, Snell Toan, l.g.  r.g., Dampeer

Score--Dartmouth 37, Harvard 28. Goals--Thomas 5, Lavietes 4, White 2, Mason 2, Ratajczak 3, Toan 3, Conti, Rockwell, McKinley, Dingle, McKernan, Cleveland, McGowan, Gray. Fouls--McKernan, Toan, Thomas, White, McGowan, 2, Gray 5. Referee--DeGanna, E.I.A. Umpire--Waters. Time--Two 20-minute periods.

Outclassed by the superior playing of the Crimson Yearlings, a fighting Milton Academy quintet went down to a 32-12 defeat at Milton yesterday afternoon.