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Visits in Private Homes Impressed Delegation With Need To Continue Visits

By Robert H. Rawson

Still more enlightening were the visits, made individually or in smaller groups, into the homes of several of the hosts and the chats with young French people upon common problems. At tea and at dinner the American representatives found their new friends as anxious as themselves for concord and amicable relations.

Impressed upon them was the thought that such visits, if extended, perhaps, to include a year or more of study in France and reciprocated by similar visits of French students to the U. S., might go far in bringing a real understanding between the two peoples. Certainly, the unique and comfortable facilities of the University City, where students from all over the world meet, offer every inducement for such a procedure.

The group was well received wherever it went. President Lebrun was kind enough to grant an audience to the visitors and chat with them for a while. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs planned the available time to the best advantage and other organizations, such as the Touring Club of France and the Automobile Club, co-operated to add to the enjoyment of the visit.

From the track meet at the Colombes Stadium and the steeplechase at Auteuil, to the other extreme of the marvelous Italian Art exhibit, every moment was well planned. American Ambassador Jesse Isidor Straus showed great interest in the experiment and also inquired about Harvard, his alma mater, being particularly concerned with the fate of the Latin requirement which was being very much discussed at the time.

M. Andre Honnorat, member of the French Senate and president of the Cite Universitaire, struck the keynote of the entire trip in a speech given at a dinner at the Union Interalliee. He said in part: "In times such as these, when the world is in such a state of chaos, all the hopes of the future are centered upon youth."

The group came away convinced that much could be done to better international relations through the personal exchange of opinions among the youth of various nations.

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