Graduate of University of Southern California, Authority on Homer, and Author of Several Books

Milman Parry, assistant professor Greek and Latin, died in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon as a result of an accidental shooting, according to were received last night.

Parry, visiting his mother-in-law in Los Angeles, was unpacking a suitcase in his hotel bedroom when a revolver mixed in with his clothing went off, mortally wounding him.

His wife, who was in the next room, immediately summoned an ambulance, but he died before reaching the hospital.

Sorbonne Degree.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Professor Parry received his degree of Dr.-Es-Lettres from the Sorbonne in 1928. At Paris he studied under the Croiset brothers, who were acknowledged the two foremost classical scholars of their time. Parry himself was an authority on Homer, about whom he had written several works.


On leave of absence last year, he spent the greater portion of his time in Yugoslavia, studying Serbian ballads. He gave a talk on this subject at Leverett House several days before his departure for California.

"We have lost one of the most brilliant scholars we have ever had here."--Charles B. Gulick, Eliot Professor of Greek Literature.

"One of the msot brilliant and promising younger scholars in america."--Edward K. Rand, Pope Professor of Latin.