118-Pound, 126-Pound, Heavyweight Classes Taken by Chicago--Gavin Is Victor in 145-Pound Match

In eight close bouts, fought before a crowd of over 200 in the New Indoor Athletic Building last night, the Harvard Varsity wrestling team showed its superior strength and ability by taking the University of Chicago grapplers into camp 17-13.

Captain Dick Emory, wrestling in the 175-pound class turned in the best exhibition of the evening when he pinned Frank Pesek of the western team in 5 minutes and 48 seconds.

Unable to get off the mat in the first two minutes, the wrestlers tossed and Emory, winning the toss chose to go down in the referee's hold under Pesek. Pesek was quickly thrown twice to give the Harvard captain the bout.

Chicago took the first two bouts, but the Crimson team overcame the eight point advantage thus gained, and won the next five successive bouts, dropping the last, when Sam Whiteside, Chicago's heavyweight threw Albert Aranson in 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

The summary:


118-pound class: Ware (C) defeated Edward J. Petrenik '37 (H) by a fall. Time, 8 min., 57 sec.

126-pound class: Zukowski (C) defeated Leonard M. Klein '36 (H) by decision (overtime).

135-pound class: Howland B. Stoddard '36 (H) defeated Howard (C) by decision. Time, 8 min., 38 sec.

145-pound class: William B. Cavin, Jr. '37 (H) defeated Gorman (C) by decision. Time, 8 min., 50 sec.

155-pound class: Gerard Piel '37 (H) defeated Kracke (C) by decision. Time, 1 min., 53 sec.

165-pound class: Donald B. Armstrong, Jr. '37 (H) defeated Giles (C) by decision. Time, 4 min., 36 sec.

175-pound class: Richard W. Emory '35 (H) (capt.) defeated Pesek (C) by a fall. Time, 5 min., 4 sec.

Heavyweight class: Whiteside (C) defeated Albert Aranson '35 (H) by a fall. Time, 8 min., 5 sec.