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Brooks House Swimmers Tie Andover

Though they won five out of eight blue ribbons, Brooks House swimmers merely tied the Andover Junior Varsity, 32-32, in a meet at Andover yesterday. Brooks was chosen because its team beat Adams, now at the top of the ranking, last Thursday.

The summary:

50-yard free style swim--Won by Moorman (B); second, DeWitt (A); third, Horne (A). Time--26 sec.

100-yard breast stroke--Won by Wolfson (B); second, Lawlor (B); third, Gross (A). Time--1 min., 18 sec.

200-yard free style swim--Won by Callan (B); second, Mahoney (A); third, Hobbs (A). Time--2 min., 21 sec.


100-yard back stroke--Won by Moorman (B); second, Paine (A). Time--1 min., 20 sec.

100-yard free style swim--Won by James (A); second, Greone (B); third, Crane (A). Time--1 min.

Dive--Won by Knowles (A), 53.08 pts; second, Rhodes (A); third, O'Neil (B).

150-yard modley relay race--Won by Brooks: Moorman, Wolfson, Hunter. Time--1 min., 35 sec.

200-yard relay race--Won by Andover: De Azevedo, Kirk, Horne, DeWitt. Time--1 min., 46 sec.