Epidemic of Prevalent Disease Now Centralized in Kirkland House as More Cases Are Awaited

"Symptoms ordinarily associated with a cold may be very deceptive," Dr. Paul H. Means '17 said last night in a statement issued from the Hygiene Building.

An epidemic of German measles is just getting started in the College with its center at Kirkland House where most of the cases have been reported. Four weeks ago the first case was reported and in two weeks the number had increased to 12.

Early Symptoms

The early evidences of German measles are a headache and a cold, accompanied with a swelling of the glands in the back of the neck. A day later a rash breaks out, but it is before this stage is reached that the patient must be isolated to check the spread of the epidemic.

No preventative is known for the disease, but a second attack is seldom experienced. Kirkland House seems at present to be the center of the epidemic, but isolated cases have been reported from almost all the Houses.


All students who may experience the symptoms should report at once to the Hygiene Building.