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Significant is the report that comes from Oglethorpe University. Recently a professor, tinged with red, of a rival institution, was invited to speak to the International Relations Club. When he arrived, he was met by the spring football squad and firmly convinced that his presence was undesirable. "A most refreshing exhibition of good, old-fashioned Americanism," commented Oglethorpe's president, Thornwell Jacobs.

President Jacobs' comment is a refreshing example of something else. When more private university heads have the courage to display by their attitudes their opinion of those liberal zealots who insisted on ten amendments to the Constitution, education will no doubt touch a new high peak. How the bones of Thomas Jefferson would rattle if they knew how assiduously this educator applies himself to "old-fashioned Americanism!" How William Randolph Hearst and Father Coughlin would gurgle with complacent satisfaction were there more universities with Oglethorpe's liberal attitude!

The student body, too, is to be congratulated. A student body which is so firmly convinced of its collective stand on any question, that it will forego the privilege of heckling an opposition speaker with embarrassing questions is definitely approaching the problems of life with an admirably open collective mind. A refreshing display of old-fashioned Americanism indeed!

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