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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Those of us who follow the fate of the Harvard track team have long been nursing the thought that the squad this year is deplorably weak in the weight department, or the so-called field events. What with Dean and Healey now gone from us, there seems to be not a single man on the squad worthy of being considered even remotely a successor to these giants of the shot and discus.

It is a sad commentary on the lethargy, or, as a German might put it, "weltschmerz," prevailing among undergraduates on the subject of sport, many of whom have been richly endowed by Mother Nature with the strength to fill the gap, and who need only exhibit a scintilla of interest to discover that they would richly enjoy these sports and would contribute at one and the same time to their own physical well-being and their college's distinction, that such a condition should prevail, and I think that there are many other undergraduates who felt the same way about it. S. T. Orton '35.

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