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Twenty graduates and faculty members of Harvard University have taken part in the editing and compilation of the second edition of the Webster International Dictionary, published this fall.

To the 206 special editors in charge of modernizing the definitions in various departments, Harvard has contributed thirteen: Plant Anatomy and Histology,--Ralph H. Wetmore, Ph.D. '24, Associate Professor of Botany, and Director of the Botanical Laboratories; Law,--Roscoe Pound, Dean of the Faculty of Law; Philosophy, Logic, and Ethics,--Clarence I. Lewis '06, Professor of Philosophy; Physiology,--William J. Crozier, Ph.D. '15, Professor of General Physiology, and Director of the Laboratory of General Physiology, and Edward S. Castle '25, Assistant Professor of General Physiology; Synonyms,--John Livingston Lowes, Ph.D. '05, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English Literature, with the advice and assistance of George Lyman Kittredge '82, Gurney Professor of English Literature; Pronunciation,--Leo Wiener, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Emeritus; Birds and Mammals,--Glover M. Allen '01, Associate Professor of Zoology, and Curator of Mammals in the Museum of Comparative Zoology; Insects,--Charles T. Brues, Associate Professor of Economic Entomology, and Associate Curator of Insects in the Museum of Comparative Zoology; Mollusks,--William J. Clench, Lecturer on Zoology, and Curator of Mollusks, Museum of Comparative Zoology; Reptiles,--Arthur Loveridge Associate Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians Museum of Comparative Zoology; Paleontology,--Percy E. Raymond, Professor of Palaeontology, Tutor in the Division of Geological Sciences, and Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology, Museum of Comparative Zoology.

Professor Kittredge has completely revised the "History of the English Language" which precedes the main text of the dictionary.

Seven Harvard alumni are on the editorial staff of the new Webster: Dr. Percy W. Long '98, of New York City. Dr. John P. Bethel, Ph.D. '27, of Springfield, Mass., and Edward F. Oakes, A.M. '17, of Canajoharie, New York "engaged in writing literary and non-technical definitions, in revising the work of many special editors, and in adjusting and has monizing the complex material after the work of the office editors and special editors had been assembled."

Dr. Erik F. B. Fries '22, of South Brewster, Mass., was "in general charge of the reviewing of the definitions in the biological sciences, including Betany, Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Agriculture."

A. Edward Artin '29, of Enfield, Ill, "proofread both manuscript and printer's proofs, and served on the prenuncistion staff."

Theodore P. Palmer, A.M. '31, of St Paul, Minn., "assisted in editing the Ganeteer."

Rupert E. Bagnall '12, of Springfield, Mass, served in the proofreading department.

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