Sixth Tilt of Season Is to Be the Last Before the Intercollegiate Game at West Point

Due to Peter Jay's injury, sustained during the play last Saturday. Edward H. Gerry '36 will play at No. 1 position in the Varsity polo tilt tomorrow night at the Commonwealth Armory.

The sixth game of the indoor season will also have A. Townsend Winmill '37, at No. 2 and Captain Tommy Davis at his usual hard-riding back position. This Saturday's game is the last before the trio goes on the road for West Point where it will meet Army for its first game in the intercollegiate series.

Included in the schedule of out-of-town games is one at Chicago where the Varsity will play a trio of riders from the Windy City indoor league whose agregate handicap will equal Harvard's. This event is sponsored by the Harvard Club of Chicago, to whom the proceeds of the match will go to augment maintainance of the annual scholarship for Illonois students entering Harvard, and is to be the occasion of a local Harvard rally. It will be the first time Harvard has sent a polo team so far afield.