Brown and Dartmouth Orators Invade Union March 26 and April 15--Teams Different in Each Meet

In their season opener at the Union next Tuesday, the Freshman debating team will argue against Exeter. The Crimson orators are to take the negative side on the topic: "Resolved: That we should have naval parity with Japan."

The team for this debate will consist of John L. Calvocoressi, William W. Hancock, and Albert Stickney, Jr.

Completely different tries will argue against Brown on Tuesday, March 26, and Dartmouth on Monday, April 15. No subject has been chosen yet for the Brown engagement, but the Dartmouth team will come to the Union prepared to dispute the question: "Resolved: That a plan for the socialization of medicine should be adopted."

The line-up for the Brown debate includes Robert T. Benjamin, David E. Feller, and Robert E. Wernick. Richard T. Davis, Caspar W. Weinberger, and Boris Yucht will oppose the Dartmouth debators. Alternate speakers to fill vacancies in any of the three teams are Aaron J. Himelhoch, Jay W. Kaufman, and Paul R. Vogt.

Special trials will be held after the Dartmouth encounter to chose teams for the HYP debate which is scheduled for Monday, April 20.