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"Canines, there is no need to unite, we have the Canine Catering Company." Such is the bark of Boston's dogs as they see an appetizing dish of ground meat, garnished with greenery, a cup of soup sitting in the center, and crisp zwiebach crumbs sprinkled over all, being delivered early in the morning.

This unique organization was started by some dog-loving graduates who wanted to see the canines of Boston and near districts feed in the right way.

To aid pet lovers in choosing an attractive meal, a special menu, rivalling those of the Ritz and Copley Plaza in variety and tastiness, is supplied. From the table d'hote and a la carte a suitable "piece de resistance" can be selected. Fillers and vegetables abound in great number, and to satisfy the thirst of the caniues, there is a large choice of beverages, ranging from goat's milk to lime water.

It takes Back Bay residents to think up peculiar meals, though. Country folks have faith in fresh air and quantity to keep their dogs healthy, but poodle owners in the city devise meals calling for proportions in ounces, with dishes like lamb hearts, "limited milk," haliveroil, and special oven dried crumbs to maintain the morale and health of their pets.

Dogs, however, are not the sole devourers of these appealing dishes. A Cambridge woman once excited the curiosity of the Caterers by never ordering the same amount of food. A request was made asking her to make up her mind, if possible. Finally the horrible truth was revealed--unsuspecting tourists had been thriving on canine dishes for a good many weeks.

But don't get the idea that the Caterers do nothing but think about your dog's stomach. In another special folder, the Canine Clothing Department announces its willingness to supply collars, blankets, leashes, and other equipment. Flea powder can also be procured if your dog is so troubled.

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