Fesler Ends Second Year at Harvard With Win, While Yale Coach Closes His Career With Defeat

Ahead throughout the game, the Crimson cagers crowned their season with glory by downing an emasculated Yale five on Saturday night, 35 to 18. The win was a boon to Coach Wes Fesler, ending his second year at Harvard, while it ended the Yale career of Elmer Ripley with a one-sided defeat.

Yale, without Captain Eggie Miles, Len Klein, flashy forward, and the Sophomore star Bob Beckwith, was in the same straits as was Harvard in the first contest, and after the first basket, was never in the lead.

Rousing ovations were given the Harvard regulars as they came off the floor in the second half, especially to Dick Fletcher, who has endeared himself to the crowd in his last year by his brilliant offensive and defensive play, and his great spirit.

Coach Wes Fesler was the victim of a practical joke by the stork when that obstetrical bird, in the guise of a Western Union messenger, brought him another little one between the halves. The mentor blushed prettily, but was seen to give an audible gasp of relief when closer inspection showed that 'twas but a doll.

The summary: HARVARD  YALE White, Lavietes, Moser, r.f.  l.f., Watson, Larsen Boys, Mason, l.f.  r.f., McNeil, T. Wilson Gray, Spring, c.c.,  McNeeley, E. Wilson Kollinites, Robinson, r.g.  l.g., Carey, Miles Fletcher, l.g.  r.g., Cummins, Armstrong


Score--Harvard 35, Yale 18. Goals--Gary 6, Miles 3, Armstrong 2, Kollinites 2, Lavietes 2, White 2, T. Wilson 2, Mason 1, McNeil 1. Free throws--Fletcher 3, Gray 2, Boys 1, Kollinites 1, Mason 1. Miles 1, White 1, E. Wilson 1. Referee--Walsh: umpire--Kelleher. Time--two 20-minute periods.