Freshman Cagers Down Yale For First Time Since 1931

With the score tied 24 to 24 at the end of the second half, the Freshman cagers nosed out the Eli yearlings in a five-minute overtime period Saturday evening, to give the Freshmen their first victory over Yale in four years, 30 to 29.

The Crimson team led their opponents until the middle of the second half, when, with the score 20 to 11 against them, the Elimen staged a great rally to tie the game.

Going into the overtime, William Lee scored a one-handed field goal for the Crimson, while Clinton Frank tallied on a foul for Yale. Then, with one minute left, Lewis A. McGowan gave the Crimson a 30 to 27 lead on a long shot, while Fran Gallagher brought the Yale total to 29 as the game ended.

Lee was high scorer with nine points, while George Lowman scored eight points and McGowan six.

The summary: HARVARD  YALE Lowman, Shirk, r.f.  l.f., Frantz, Jellinghus McGowan, l.f.  r.f., Gallagher, Currier Lee, c.  c., Wells, Foskett Dampeer, r.g.  l.g., Frank, Evart Snell, Litman, l.g.  r.g., Gallagher, Smith


Score--Harvard 30, Yale 29. Goals--Lowman 3, McGowan 3, Lee 4, Dampeer, Snell, Frank 4, Gallagher 2, Foskett 2, Frantz 2, Gallagher 2. Fouls--Lowman 2, Lee Dampeer 3, Frank, Gallagher 3, Frantz.