Contributions to Class Fund Are Put On Interest and Applied to Gift of $100,000 in 1960

Ebenezer Francis Bowditch '35 has been appointed Class Agent for the Harvard Fund, according to an announcement by the officers of the Fund. The election followed nomination by the Senior officers.

Bowditch is president of the Student Council, Second Marshal of his class, secretary-treasurer of Phillips Brooks House, and a member of the Dunster House Committee.

The new agent will take office immediately and send out the first of his appeals for contributions to the Fund early next week. Money which is received will be put on interest with general University funds and will be applied to the class gift of $100,000 in 1960.

Gifts are placed in the "unrestricted" category so that the University can draw on the accounts rather than use the money for only specified purposes. It is especially helpful if the money is given soon after graduation because interest accruements will more than double the amount by the time of the 25th anniversary.

The Fund Council which Bowditch now joins was established in 1925 and includes 64 class agents including Bishop William Lawrence '71, G. Peabody Gardener, Jr. '10, Chief Marshal for the June Commencement, and Charles A. Coolidge, Jr. '17, new member of the Corporation. Theodore Chase '34 was the last Senior agent.