Gathering of the Intercollegiate Flying Association Plans Consolidation of College Organizations

America's first college flying club, holder of the Loening Trophy for three years, will be represented at the first National Intercollegiate Flying Association conference, to be held in Washington April 2 and 3, when several undergraduates go to the Capitol to help in the national organization of the college flying units.

The Association is planning a busy two days for the visiting delegates, mainly from Eastern colleges, but from as far west as Minnesota, and including representatives from Smith. There will be smokers, demonstrations of planes, speeches, and a tour of the city and the White House.

The purpose of the conference is to get the college clubs organized into a solid unit so that they can have an influence in legislation and get ERA funds behind them.

Among those who plan to attend the conference are George F. Fox, III '37, Wilbur L. Cummings, Jr. '37, Adolphe de B. Lyon '35, and Arthur W. Nelson '38.

The club has planned an active spring schedule with a meet against Milton Flying Club sometime in April and plans to send pilots to the Northampton meet on May 4 where they will meet competition from many colleges, including Smith.