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By Charles W. Hubbard iii

At a preliminary meeting held yesterday at the H. A. A. office prospective candidates for the managership of freshman and baseball were given an introduction to the value and advantages of managerial work as well as the benefits this activity offers the non-athlete who enjoys association with sports.

These whose conception of the work of a team manager comes solely from prep school soon realize that at Harvard a manager is not the valet of an all-demanding team or the errand-boy of a coaching staff. Instead it is his duty to attend to the details of training and competition, in short to tell members of his team what they are to do and when.

In accordance with the position of responsibility occupied by members of the several managerial staffs, there has grown up a spirit of fraternity among them. One establishes many valuable contacts with coaches and graduates who maintain an interest in Harvard athletics.

Nor are all the advantages which come to a manager intangible. This year's varsity track manager held the office of president of the IC4A this winter.

The competition for freshman track manager, which formally begins April 8 and continues for approximately five weeks, offers a freshman his last opportunity this year to enter into an activity which has brought pleasure to everyone connected with it.

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