The early birds may get not only their traditional worm this week, but they will probably see eight muilled figures jogging through the early mists across the Anderson bridge to the Powerhouse bridge and return every morning. The Varsity mittmen have taken to roadwork, and their energy at the heathen hour is part of an intensive training increase wind and decrease weight for their fracas with the Bulldog on Saturday afternoon.

If their performance against the Coast Guard last week is any indication, prospects for the Yale meet are on the optimistic side. The team made its best showing of the season at New London, every bout being closely contested.

Ring Makes Bow

Larry Crampton was quite a sensation on Saturday. Facing Reynolds in his first intercollegiate bout, he rushed to an early lead by flooring his opponent once and then driving him into the ropes so hard that one of the corner posts went down for the count. Fifteen minutes had to be taken for repairs and recuperation, prolonging the match to a three-round decision for Crampton. Hampered a month ago by a wrenched ankle, he has fully recovered and will probably see action Saturday afternoon.

The heavyweight vacancy in the lineup may again be filled by Bill Smith, who is normally a 175-pounder. Coming up from his 165-pound class of last year, he now fills ably the large gap left by Brad Simmons, having knocked out all of his opponents except one this year. Pete Ward, co-captain with Smith, is back at college after an operation for appendicitis, but his participation in the Yale meet will be vocal.

Probation has taken a heavy toll in the ranks of the Freshmen, with three men ruled ineligible. Ham Turner's ample shoes will be filled by Dave Gardner, a tackle on the Freshman team last fall, he has developed a hard punch this winter, and is slated as a winner by Henry Lamar.

Year's Strongest Lineup

Not content with winning his numerals in hockey this winter, Don Sleeper is proving his versatility by taking Cunningham's place in the 115-pound division. The loss of Joe Nee necessitates shifting Wysocki up to 175 pounds and filling his place with Eddie Davis, football captain and wrestler at Milton last year, Davis boxed his first intercollegiate match against Dartmouth intramural champions two weeks ago, and put his man away with a technical knockout. Sherlock. Ellis, and Oakes will remain in their present classes, and Whitney, who showed his possibilities against Staunton, is again taking his place at 135 pounds. In spite of these ineligibilities, Coach Lamar considers this lineup the strongest one which he has put into a meet this year.

Attention in the Freshman meet will be focused on Dwight Ellis, elected captain on Monday. He has received only one setback this season--a knockout in the Staunton meet. Coming to Harvard with considerable experience from Culver, he has scored two knockouts, both of them against Varsity men in the M.I.T. and Coast Guard meets.