English Allowed 360 Students With Semitic Given Two -- Assignments Begin About March 18

Arrangements for allotting 2700 upper-classmen between the 25 fields of concentration have now been completed by the Munn Committee on Concentration Quotas.

When the lass of 1938 files its study-cards Friday, March 15, the practical work of the Committee, attempting to stabilize the tutorial system, will get underway.

First of all, applications to within 80 per cent of the quota limit will be accepted. Secondly, all applications above this limit will receive individual attention from the Committee, and individuals, hesitating between two or more fields, may be guided into the one of these fields where the demand is less

Since the number of men in the three upper-classes vary, some slight adjustments may be necessitated in the actual quota, figures. The figures released yesterday are: Anthropology  36 Astronomy  15 Biochemical Sciences  165 Biology  90 Chemistry  130 Classics  35 Economics  355 Engineering Sciences  200 English  360 Fine Arts  75 Geological Sciences  55 German  40 Government  200 History  260 History and Literature  140 Literature  35 Mathematics  105 Music  24 Philosophy  40 Psychology  60 Physics  60 Romance Languages  155 Semitic Languages  2 Slavic  3 Sociology  30 Total  2700