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The Student Vagabond


The tutor fingered an ashtray which was decorated with the Icelandic arms, and spoke easy confidence. The tutees tried to look wise as two old cats, an effect unachieved, for the one seemed slightly draggled be recent revels, and the other played nervously with a cigarette. "The lay of Hildebrand," said the hierophant, "survives only because two monks broke their vows of obedience. To stamp out paganism the Church had ordered all vernacular writings destroyed. It succeeded very well, for it used conquest to extend its influence, or, in failing that, it converted a Germanic chieftain by offering him a plump, pretty wife, delivered on condition that he embrace the true faith and help stamp out the practices of the heathen. These tactics were always successful. So the only remains of a rich aboriginal literature are scraps like this, saved only because a pair of bored and undutiful clerks at Fulda wasted their time scratching a few lines of forbidden ballads into the cover of the manuscript which the Father Superior had set them copying.

"Even so, such tags provide interesting material for a study of the times." The tutor idly leafed a copy of "Dichtung und Wahreit" which belonged to the bedraggled sycophant. "Just as these strange inscriptions will interest the historians of two thousand years from now. From this flyleaf they will reconstruct a picture of Professor "Waltz," smoking an unusual under-slung pipe and wearing a hat as he lectures on the Sesenheim idyll. And perhaps correctly they will surmise that the student was bored and undutiful, since he filled the cover with diagrams of football plays."


10 O'clock

"End of the Thirty Years War," Professor Fay, Harvard 1.

"English Meters and Stanzas," Professor Rollins, Sever 11.

11 O'clock

"Monuments of the Bronze Age in Greece," Professor Chase, Fogg Lecture Room.

"Keats' Ode to a Grecian Urn," Professor Malthiessen, Emerson A.

12 O'clock

"Spain and Her Colonies; the Monroe Doctrine," Professor Langer, Harvard 6.

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