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Yale and Harvard have been playing football, and on British soil. To be sure the game was not under the rules revised each year for the colleges of the United States. The game was English rugby, "rugger" for short, and it was the climax of football week in Bermuda. But the boys who were the crimson and the blue were students at Cambridge, Mass., and New Haven, Conn., off where the sun is warm for their Spring vacation.

It does not appear that the faculties of these prominent institutions had anything to say about the game. This sport is unofficial and therefore in the hands of those who take apart in it. How did they obtain the funds to make the trip? That question has not been answered nor is it likely to be.

Possibly there were concessions as to fares and hotel accommodations. If so, it is nobody's business unless perhaps that of the parents of the players.

The new house plans at these universities may have had something to do with the trip. It has been prophesied that in the new order athletics will be saner and more like what prevails in England. There may be a solution for much that troubles educators in having the teachers run the studies and letting the boys shift for themselves when they are at play. --The Boston Globe.

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