News from the Houses

Adams, Lowell House Nines Commence Informal Practice

Batsmen and twirlers for the Adams and Lowell House nines had an informal practice yesterday as an opening to the intramural baseball season. The Gold-Coasters' had the larger turnout with 15 men, as against 12 for the Bellboys. All other houses except Dunster have reported that teams are being organized.

The two games scheduled for yesterday were postponed because of the weather, but the Brooks-Eliot and Adams-Lowell games on tap for today may be played if the weather permits.

House golf and tennis will not get under way before Monday. Following is a schedule of the baseball games for the first two weeks:

April 11, 3.15--Leverett-Dunster

11 3.15--Kirkland-Winthrop


April 12 3.15--Brooks-Eliot

12 3.15--Adams-Lowell

April 15 2.30--Dunster-Kirkland

15 2.30--Lowell-Leverett

15 3.45--Winthrop-Brooks

15 3.45--Eliot-Adams

April 17 2.30--Brooks-Dunster

17 2.30--Leverett-Kirkland

17 3.45--Adams-Winthrop

17 3.45--Eliot-Lowell