Hindmarsh Talks in Last of Government Lecture Series

Will Discuss Foreign Policy of Japan From Internal Standpoint

The first talk in the last of the series of lectures in Government delivered by members of the department will be given tomorrow at 4 o'clock in Harvard 5 by Albert E. Hindmarsh, Assistant Dean and Instructor in Government. His subject will be "The Foreign Policy of Japan."

International Domesticism

Dean Hindmarsh will treat foreign policy as the repercussions in the international sphere of the internal policy and not as something separate and distinct. The three motives of the internal policy and therefore of the foreign policy which he will discuss are: economic security, military security, and national prestige. He sums these up as, "food, fear, face."

It is thought that unless the success of these lectures, which quite naturally add to the burden of work placed upon tutors and instructors is proven by a greater show of interest as displayed in the attendance at the lectures, they will be discontinued next year.

There is a tacit understanding among members of the government department that since so much trouble has been taken to prepare those lectures, and the subjects are thought to be of general interest, that the divisionals will provide opportunity to display any facts presented in them. They will not berequired in any way, but on the other hand the examinations will not be entirely drawn up without considering them.