The Student Vagabond

"I was just thinking," said the King staring at Alice, "with your Mana what a good impression you'd make on the Amazulu."

"I don't know what you're talking about," answered Alice somewhat offended, "and it doesn't sound like a very nice thing for Your Majesty to say to a lady."

"On the contrary," continued the King, "the Amazulu people would consider it their highest compliment. If you'd go down to South Africa to visit them they'd probably make you a priestess, and someday perhaps worship your spirit."

"But what's Mana?" asked Alice now very much puzzled.

"I know; I know," interrupted the Clam, "It's what I haven't got. It's It."


"What's it?" continued Alice.

"Mana's It, and It's Mana. It's what makes me the poor clam that I am; and you, dear girl, the creature that charms the whole world."

The King came to the rescue.

"I see you don't quite understand, Alice. What the Clam is really saying is that you've got that certain something.. that certain 'Je ne sais quoi'... well, you've got personality, Mana; and that's exactly what the Amazulu value so much and why they would make you a priestess."

"But I really couldn't be their priestess," said Alice modestly. "You see I'm a Presbyterian and they don't..."

"Oh, that's all right," came the quick reply. "The Amazulu wouldn't hold that against you."

"But how about me, Your Majesty," asked Tweedledee. "I'm a Unitarian."

"I think that would be all right," answered the King.

"And I'm a Vegetarian," voiced Peter Rabbit. "Do you think they would have me? Do you?"

This morning at nine the Vagabond will listen to Professor Toxzer lecture on: religion among savage tribes. (Semetic Museum 1).