Hanoverians Bury Varsity Turf-Diggers at Worcester

Golfers Lose First Eastern League Game, 5 1/2 to 3 1/2

Playing unsteady golf and showing the effects of only a week of practice, the Varsity golf team was decisvely trounced by Dartmouth, 5 1-2 to 3 1-2, in the first Eastern League match played at the Wachusetts Country Club at the Wachusett Country Club at Worcester yesterday afternoon.

This afternoon Coach Hodder will send the team against Holy Cross.

The summary:

Twosomes: Ogg (D) defeated Robert C. Hunter '36, 2 and 1; Mathers (D) defeated Charles S. Bellows '37, 3 and 2; Mansfield Branigan '36 defeated O'Connell (D), 2 and 1; George E. Enos '37 defeated Feinberg (D), one up; Tachy (D) defeated William E. Sibley, III '35, 6 and 5; and Sykes (D) defeated Rederick H. Sears '36, two up.