Andren, Dennett, Paul, Rockefeller, Lee, Overton, R. S. Chaffee, Kelly, And Streeter On Ballot

Ballots have been sent out to the 300 members of Phillips Brooks House for the election of next year's officers. Nine nominees, all Juniors, have been put up, three for each of the three positions which will be left vacant. The present encumbents, Frederick A. Webster '35, president, Victor H. Kramer '35, vice-president, and E. Francis Bowditch '35, secretary treasurer, will retire from office on May 1 at which time the new officers will be inaugurated.

Those nominated for the positions of president are: Karl A. Andren, Raymond Dennett, and Winthrop H. Lee.

The men up for vice-president are: Rodman W. Paul, David Rockefeller, and David W. Overton.

The secretary-treasurer will be chosen from among the following: Robert S. Chaffee, Shaun Kelly, Jr., and Edward C. Streeter, Jr.

These three officers will make up the executive committee of the House which has charge of all its affairs and dictates the policies to be pursued. The president and the vice-president are also ex-officio members of the Phillips Brooks House Committee, the committee which drew up the report advising that PBH no longer be used as a commuter center. Most of the nominees have worked for P.B.H. as social service helpers.