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Of course, the Grand Vizier of the Kirkland House Entertainment Committee might have been trying to inveigle someone into looking at his coy little notices on the bulletin board, but nevertheless there is an amusing contradiction right there in plain sight.

The original announcement of the House Dance to be held next Friday, stated explicitly that in order to avoid crowding in the Common Room, there would be installed an amplifying system of the better variety, so that these who enjoy dancing on the tile floors might glide ever the pavements of the Dining Hall.

Below this announcement whether in the same notice or in another, prompted by a House member eager to gratify the gastronomical needs of his guest with University food we cannot remember) there is a statement, just as explicit, just as forceful, but hardly as considerate. It says that lady guests will not be allowed in the Dining Hall. We suppose, giving the Entertainment Committee the benefit of the doubt, that it means for dinner, but then, one can never be sure, and the prospect of waltzing with the Dining Hall, tables is far from pleasant.

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