Prostitutes Will Be Thoroughly Investigated by Active Student League for Industrial Democracy

Working Conditions, Labor Hours to be Subject of Complete Investigation

Spurning the embattled goody for a more colorful cause, the newly formed S.L.I.D. plans next year a thorough investigation of Cambridge prostitutes with an eye to finding out to what extent the ladies of easy virtue are affected by the presence of the two men's colleges of this city.

The campaign for prostitutes is in line with the organization's whole program for next year of furthering labor movements and upholding workers' rights. It further exemplifies the remark of Herschel Berman '38, head of the Harvard chapter of the League, who stated in brief but pointed language, "We know where we are going."

It was emphasized that the whole research, which as yet has been carried out in only an informal manner, will be approached from a purely sociological point of view. No efforts will be spared and no stones left unturned in carrying the project through to a successful conclusion.

The announcement followed the demands of Mexico City prostitutes for better treatment and union recognition. The following item sent over the United Press wires last night is believed to form the basis of the S.L.I.D.'s interest in the situation:

Mexico City, May 15--Hundreds of prostitutes today attended a mass meeting and formed a union to press their demands for better treatment.

Leaders declared a general strike would be called June 1 if the union was not recognized.

As a part of the same program there will be an investigation of labor conditions of dining hall employees, with stress laid upon the number of hours worked and the wages paid. Food companies supplying the University will also be investigated to ascertain whether or not their employees are working under union conditions. Pressure will be brought to bear upon the dining hall management to make its purchases only from companies which advocate union labor. The League plans to campaign for cigarettes purchased from companies with union labor.