The Crimson Playgoer

"Vanessa" is Satisfying Adaptation of Walpole's Best Seller Love Story

"Wasn't that well done?" was the comment of the Lady-In-Front as the last flicker of "Vanessa" vanished from view and a satisfied audience dragged out of the University. Robert Montgomery and Helen Hayes are teamed together again and supported by a notable cast including Otto Krenger and Lewis Stone who do their usual fine work. Taken from Hugh Walpole's best seller, the story is extremely well handled but like many another fine book is a little cramped. So few scenes for such a long story involves much being taken for granted.

The play concerns the rebuffs the world gives two lovers. Through trials and tribulations the pair, often sorely tempted and doubting each other, work their way to the usual Hollywood ending.

In the second picture, "The Case of the Curious Bride," Warren William, Allen Jenkins, and Claire Dodd maintain the precedent set by "The Case of the Howling Dog." We refuse to commit ourselves as to what the precedent was.