Both Teams Defeated Only Once in Race For League Pennant--Hanoverians Subdued by Yale

HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Prouty, l.f.  r.f., Clark Adzigian, 3b.  s.s., Rabajczak Gibbs, c.f.  c.f., Casey Bilodeau, 1b.  c., Clark Owen, r.f.  l.f., Hart Woodruff, s.s.  2b., Allen Maguire, c.  3b., Ray Hayes, 2b.  1b., Conathan Lincoln, p.  p., Jayne or Olson

Defeated but once in its race for the Eastern Intercollegiate League pennant,, the Crimson Varsity nine will clash with Dartmouth at Hanover tomorrow afternoon in the most crucial game yet scheduled, the outcome of which may cause the Cambridge outfit to supersede the Indians as sole holders of first honors.

Dartmouth, the present League leader, was stopped for the first time by Yale last Wednesday, 8-7, after running up six straight League victories. Harvard, on the other hand, suffered its only defeat at the hands of Columbia last month, a game which the Crimson avenged last Wednesday by a 17-54 triumph.

Coach Fred Mitchell intends to pitch his ace star Bill Lincoln against the Hanoverians tomorrow, with Tom Bilodeau returning to first base and Ben Prouty going back to the outfield to play along with Frank Owen and Bramin Gibbs.

Joe Jayne of the Indians will probably toe the slab against Harvard, with Ted Olson available for relief work. Both pitchers showed excellent form last Monday, when, in two three-hit games, they twirled the Hanoverians to a doubleheader victory over the Tigers.

In its last few encounters, the Crimson team has been playing aggressive baseball, making all its hits count. In addition to defeating Columbia, the Cambridge aggregation trounced the Quakers 17-5 on Soldiers Field last Saturday.