Jones, Whitbeck, Glidden, and Rodman Counted On to Win Matches--'38 Team to Oppose Eli Freshmen

Completing a successful season, the varsity tennis team travels to New Haven tomorrow to meet Yale. Undefeated this year in Intercollegiate competition, it is slightly favored over Yale. Comparative scores, however, lead usually to false conclusions, and Harvard-Yale athletics are notoriously unpredictable, though Harvard has been victorious in tennis for the last years.

Playing the best tennis of the season the Crimson took over Princeton 5-4 on Tuesday. The Tigers had previously trimmed Eli 7-2. But Pennsylvania lost by the score of 5-4 to both the Crimson and the Blue. Against Amherst the Cowlesmen did slightly better than Yale, winning 6-3, as against 5-4 for the Bulldogs.

Captain Frank Jones can probably be counted on to win his match if he continues to play up to the form of his Tilney game. Franklin Whitbeck, Germaine Glidden, and Sumner Rodman, all of whom have been going strong this last week, ought also to win their matches. The doubles are much more difficult to prognosticate, as Coach Cowles has been switching the teams around so that there is no definite first, second, or third doubles combination.

The Freshman racquetmen will also journey to Yale tomorrow for the last match of the season.