Vote in Student Council Elections Today--1936 Elects Six; 1937 Three--Eight Additional Will Be Appointed

Voting for the Student Council elections will be held today and tomorrow. Six Juniors will be chosen from a list of nineteen, and three Sophomores from a list of thirteen.

After the elections, five more Juniors and three more Sophomores will be chosen by the men elected and by the old members of the Council.

Polling places will be located in all the House dining halls at luncheon time and dinner time and at Phillips Brooks House from 11.30 to 1.30 and at Sever and Harvard Halls from 11 to 1 o'clock. Sign your ballots or they will not be valid.

The list of nominees follow:

Class of 1936


Vote for six. Unless six votes are indicated, ballot will not be counted. Arthur Atwood Ballantine, Jr. Anthony Addison Bliss Thornton Brown Frank Stanton Deland, Jr. Raymond Dennett Braman Gibbs Milton Gabriel Green John Robert Haley Robert Carlton Hall Benjamin Harding Hallowell Shaun Kelly, Jr. Francis Keyes Milton Sellg Palsner Robert Smith Playfair Henry Varnum Poor Edwin Howard Baker Pratt Thomas Henry Quinn Robert Morton Terrall LeMoyne White

Class of 1937

Vote for three. Unless three votes are indicated, ballots will not count. Thomas Herbert Bilodeau John Bradford Bowditch Emile Dublel George Steven Ford Hamilton Hadden, Jr. James Brewater Hallett George Gordon Hedblom Charles Wells Hubbard, III Frank Joseph Owen Anthony Joseph Drexel Paul, Jr. Charles Moorfield Storey, Jr. Robert Blake Watson William John Watt