Harvard Will Tie Indians for League Leadership if It Takes All Three Weekend Games

HARVARD  CORNELL Prouty, lf  2b, Kreimer Adzigian, 3b  1b, Froehlich Gibbs, cf  lf, Dugan Bilodeau, 1b  cf, Downer Owen, rf  rf, Switzer Woodruff, ss  3b, Mayer Maguire, c  ss, Jordan Hayes, 2b  c, Krukowski Lincoln, p  p, Lindheimer

With Harvard's prospects for the Intercollegiate League championship depending directly on the outcome of three crucial encounters this weekend, the Crimson nine will vie with a hard-hitting Cornell aggregation in a doubleheader on Soldiers Field at 3 o'clock today, while an important return clash with the Indians is scheduled for the same time tomorrow.

Since the Ithacan outfit has the best batting average in the League, it is fairly certain that Coach Fred Mitchell will use his ace twirlers, Bill Lincoln and Tom Bilodeau, for mound duty today. Although only fourth in the list of league batting averages, the Crimson team has proved one of the outstanding outfits in the intercollegiate competition, having scored more runs per game than any of its rivals.

Cornell In Top Form

Cornell comes to Cambridge at a time when Coach Paul Eckley's team is in top playing form. The Ithacans have won their last three league encounters, trouncing the Lions 17-12 and 3-1 and the Elimen 4-3. Their only defeats have been by the Tigers and the Hanoverians.

Although previously defeated by the Indians in a hectic 7-6 game at Hanover last weekend, the Crimson has a chance of tying Dartmouth for the league leadership if it wins all three games, in which event each team will have won seven games and lost two with three games to play.