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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

It would appear that John Reed was an outstanding Harvard Graduate, an outstanding one because of his: "quality of courage, idealism, and independent mind," so outstanding in fact that he merits a large niche in Harvard's Hall of Fame. Isn't it a matter of fact that his real outstanding quality was that he was a Bolshevik and had he been a Russian Bolshevik and not an American Bolshevik, would anyone have recognized his "quality of courage, idealism, and independent mind."

I am writing to make a request of you and also to ask a question. My request is for a copy of any Editorial that the CRIMSON may publish on the subject. Secondly: Is there not at least one student in Harvard who will resent this act sufficiently to destroy the picture even with the certainly that he will be called a vandal? I am the inheritor of one of the so-called "Liberty Cups," given as a badge of honor to the Members of the Boston Tea Party who destroyed the British tea in Boston Harbor. The British denounced that incident as an act of vandalism. Scuttling the American concept of Government by exalting an American Bolshevik is vandalism in my opinion of the worst type. John P. Story, Jr. M.I.T. '95.

Ed. Note--Handsome is as Handsome does.