Navy Outspeeds Jayvee and Freshman Shells on Severn, as 150-Pounders Lose to Princeton Eight

Duplicating the feat of the Varsity Middie boat, the Navy Jayvee shell jumped into the lead on the Severn within the first 20 strokes, and built up an advantage that Harvard and Pennsylvania's second crews could not overcome.

Navy negotiated the mile and three-quarter course in nine minutes, four and five-tenths seconds, to down the Crimson eight by a length and a half. Harvard threatened only once during the race, when they pulled up to within striking distance of the Midshipmen.

It was almost the same story in the Freshman race. Navy again took an early lead, and Harvard was unable to pass them at any point. The Crimson finished a length and a half behind the plebes, with Penn another half length behind.

Meanwhile, the Harvard 150-pound crew was also faring badly at Philadelphia in the annual Henley regatta. Princeton's light eight won in a driving finish that was so close that there was only a scant length between the Tiger boat, and the shell from Penn. Columbia and Navy fought it out for third place with only a boat deck separating the two crews. Harvard never challenged seriously, and finished three lengths behind.