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We sorrow at the following terse statement of the United Press with the date line, Cambridge, Massachusetts: "John F. Daly received today from James A. Farley, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a letter warmly congratulating him on his "election" as District Attorney of Middlesex County. Mr. Daly was not elected. He was not even nominated."

Why must the newspapers always point out the mistakes of this great good fellow. It should be realized that Mr. Farley is a very busy man, and even though he probably does not care a tinker's expletive who was elected District Attorney of Middlesex County, he was kind enough to congratulate Mr. Daly even if he didn't get elected.

Furthermore, we are not of the opinion that this was the fault of the genial Mr. Farley. The last time that someone intimated that he of the hearty handshake perpetrated a grave error, it was promptly discovered (through the agency of Mr. Farley) that the stupid offender was some young stenographer with no head at all for politics. We wager that Mr. Farley forgot to discharge her. --Cornell Daily Sun.

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