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To the Editor of the Crimson:

It does seem peculiar that certain members of the Harvard Faculty are unable to resist the lure of the siren's pen, and the happy knowledge of having crashed the front page or the newsreel. The job of the professor is to teach,--not to make dilletante statements known not to be true. Possibly through the higher branches of mathematics, on can derive something from nothing, but mental queerness must be magnified many times before one can equate a "storm" of drunkenness "passing over Harvard" with one isolated, unfortunate case of janitorial abuse. The general sobriety apparent at the recent Lowell and Elito House Dances is sufficient justification for my statement. Add to it, however, the knowledge of the City Police, of the Yard Police, of the House Members in general, and of the Tutors in particular that drunkeness and abuses of House rules are no more flagrant than formerly, that they never were serious, and that, if one examines closely, they are definitely decreased in intensity and number, and one finds the apex of the Lowell House hierarchy alone in his ignorance.

To be sure, there are few saints among us, and in like proportion there are few scoundrels. Not since the passing of him, known as Petty-John , and his motley crew have there been organized drinking bouts in Lowell House. If a statement had to be made, it might well have been based on facts bearing a few degrees the strumpet is to starve her to death. George T. Skinner '36

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