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The Student Vagabond


"It seems awfully queer," said Alice, glancing over the morning news, "that in this section it says Hitler wants peace, and over here it says the Fuehrer has ordered a bigger army, and more battleships and a greater air fleet and more submarines and...."

"That's not queer at all," interrupted the Mad Hutter, who was feeling very sprite this May morning, "it's just you don't understand logic."

"Oh, yes I do," Alice retorted quickly an proceeded to prove her statement. "I learned all about induction and deduction at school. Deduction was fun. It goes like this.

"All men are mortal

Socrates is a man

Therefore, Socrates is mortal'."

"I'm glad to see you know so much," suggested the Hatter. "Now you can understand this syllogism:

'All men want peace

Hitler is a man

Therefore, Hitler builds U-Boats'."

"But that doesn't make sense," cried Alice.

"It isn't supposed to make sense," said the Mad Hatter, "it's U-Boats that the Fuehrer wants to make."

Alice thought she'd better glance at another section of the paper.

"Goodness me, I wish some of those war leaders would look at this. A late estimate of those killed in the World War is put at 30,000,000; with nearly 20,000,000 wounded. At such a price I don't see how anyone could honestly say war accomplishes anything!"

"That again," continued the Hatter in a very superior tone, "is because your knowledge of logic isn't complete. You know that by induction you get a general conclusion from many particulars, and by deduction a single proposition comes from two conclusions: well, by another special from of logic we get a civilization loss of some 50,000,000 able-bodied citizens and we conclude the world is safe for democracy. That form of logic, my dear child, is reduction. And it's quite the vogue today."

"The Present Situation in Germany," will be the subject of Professor Fay's discussion in the New Lecture Hall at nine this morning.

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